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We're glad you found FFCHS! Explore our website to find lots of information, resources, and support as a targeted individual. Those committing the targeting often attempt to isolate the individual from friends and family. If this has already happened, know it's not you but a part of the this crime. Group / organized stalking, electronic harassment / remote torture, and voice-to-skull are ways they continue to keep you engaged in their well-planned targeting of your life.

This "program" has professional psychiatrists and may involve intelligence agents (military, domestic, private contractors) who control it. Remember that they have power and they know how to use it. They are willing and able to abuse the system to the fullest extent possible to get you any way they can without implicating themselves. In some cases, various community services have been given a heads up about you. This is why local people are suddenly treating you like you are "crazy". 

For some reason, you--the new TI, have been chosen to be "It". 

You may not know the reason, but it's important to understand what's going on. The "game" is this: They pretend you are crazy and a threat to other people. Their role is to get you to be a danger to yourself or someone else, or to get you to do something that is illegal. Why? So they can trick you into giving up your rights. They want you in jail or in a mental hospital. 

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